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1966 Ford F-250 Pickup - hirbiewade

"ol' yeller"

1966 Ford F 250 Pickup Finished
Owner:   hirbiewade
Year: 1966
Make: Ford
Model: F-250 Pickup
Est.Horsepower: 200
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About my F-250 Pickup

It was my grandfather's.  He purchased it new in 66, I recieve the pickup in 98 after his passing(being the only car guy in the family interested in have the truck) I drove it for about 6mo's n parked until I could do major modifications. On april 25 14 my nephew started in, I always wanted a short bed slammed, and on of June 3 14 we finished and on June 7 14 we went to the all Ford swap n show in Porland Or. about a 120 round trip, no a problem's.

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