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1949 Ford F-100 Pickup - mx818

"home built"

1949 Ford F 100 Pickup 1
Owner:   mx818
Year: 1949
Make: Ford
Model: F-100 Pickup
Est.Horsepower: 450
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About my F-100 Pickup

My dad purchased this truck after returning home from vietnam, drove it about a year then parked it in my grandmas garage where it sat until 1995 when we got it out and running for me to drive in high school.  nearly 10 years later i decided to give it a complete rebuild.  i tore it down to the bare frame, sandblasted it, grafted a subframe from a 70 nova and the rearend onto the frame.  fully boxed the rails and fabricated some crossmembers.  i then primed and painted the frame. i rebuilt a 396 from a 69 chevelle and added a rebuilt th350.  after rebuilding the gm 10 bolt with a limited slip and 342 gears i installed the rear disc brakes.  some of the body mods that i completed all in my home shop include suicide doors, shaved doors and drip rails, completely filled and shaved dash, one piece windows, holes on hood filled, hand made inner fenders, and a smooth firewall. i mounted the 6 guage digital unit in the panel above the windshield to keep the dash smooth other than the kenwood dvd/stereo which sends tunes through a kicker amp, single 10 inch kicker comp sub and 4 kicker 6 1/2 speeakers.  after many hours of sanding and blocking until the body was perfect i rented a local body shop's booths and applied the ppg waterborn ford black.  i then sanded the clear starting with 1000 grit and went to 3000 grit and then went through 4 stages of buffing.  with a new wiring harness i then tackled the interior where with the help from a local upholstery shop i rebuilt the factory seat and covered it in leather.  after many trials and as many errors and re-dos, 5 years later im finally finished with my project and excited to hit the roads with it!!

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