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1950 Chevrolet Truck - regmudd


1950 Chevrolet Truck 1
Owner:   regmudd
Year: 1950
Make: Chevrolet
Model: Truck
Est.Horsepower: 350
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About my Truck

This truck was sold to Sadie Ritchie by Wilson Brothers Chevrolet in October of 1950.  Sadie never married but nearly raised several nieces and nephews who were frequent passengers.  She made many trips to Bardstown Mills buying chicken feed for the egg operation her and her sisters operated.  It went to Saint Thomas to church as well as to town for in those days it managed to be the primary vehicle for whatever was needed.

The above is inspiration for the truck that appears here.  One of her nephews had fond enough memories to want one like it.  If the stories told about this truck are true it began life as a Louisiana truck that made a move to Arizona via Ebay.  It moved to Arkansas via Ebay again and made a final trip via Ebay to Gallatin, Tennessee.  Somewhere in it's travels it became "Ugly Ducklin' Yellow" and the '50 body was placed on a '82 Blazer 4WD chassis with a 350 engine.  The 4bbl Edelbrock, headers and dual exhaust were part of  a three and a half year rebuild.  The 5 window top of the cab was swapped as a part of this build.  Aunt Sadie's was blue but didn't look this good, have a leather interior or 2 subwoofers.  What you see here is the result of the efforts of  a whole team of people working together, a lot of patience and a very understanding wife.

Paint and Body- Union Hill Body Shop-Lawrence Holler, Oak Grove, Tennessee

Mechanicals-Roger Clinton, Pegram, Tennessee

Interior-Chuck Bennett Upholstery, Lebanon, Tennessee

Engine, Transmission and Mechanical Reinstallation-Latino Auto Service-Juan, Gallatin, Tennessee

Final Shakedown-Public Safety Radio, Gallatin, Tennessee

Exhaust-4 Way Muffler, Gallatin, Tennessee

Bed-Ash by Horkey's Wood and Parts, Windom, Minnesota

    Finish by James Barnett and Fred Talley, Gallatin, Tennessee

Tires and Wheels-General Tire, Gallatin, Tennessee

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