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1971 Ford F-250 Pickup - sgtramy

"Old Green"

1971 Ford F 250 Pickup 1971 Camper Special
Owner:   sgtramy
Year: 1971
Make: Ford
Model: F-250 Pickup
Est.Horsepower: 255
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About my F-250 Pickup

My first Truck was a 1971 F250 Sport Custom that my dad gave me as a gift for getting my drivers licence about 18yrs ago. About a month after, an uncle of mine ask my mom if he could borrow my truck while i was in school. (which i would had said NO!) Well my truck never came home. The city impound was its new home.  Frown  So anyway 18 years I found mirror image of my old truck. The only difference is that this one is a camper special. So i bought this truck from a guy who had the truck in his garage for 20 plus year, the engine didn't run but the rest of the truck was in perfect shape. I am slowly fixing it up, with the idea of having it as my cruiser, and one day passing it over to my son. So far what i have done is rebuild the 360 to a 390FE, headers, flowmaster exhaust with electric cut outs, Edelbrock RPM intake, Edelbrock 650cfm carb, chrome valve covers  rebuild entire front suspension, with disc brake upgrade. And more to come.

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