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1952 International Other International - Streetrod52


1952 International Other International My Custom L110
Owner:   Streetrod52
Year: 1952
Make: International
Model: Other International
Est.Horsepower: 425
Page Views: 9742
Comments: 3 Comments
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About my Other International

I have had my L110 for about 30 yrs It was done long before you could buy evry part you needed out of a catalog Built when you went to a junk yard found a part an then made it fit It has the front half of a 1965 elcamino frame engine is Chevy 454 w/2-4s tunnel ram mallory dual point and more goodys in side than I can remember a A.R.T.turbo 400 trans 12bolt 331 rearend the body has been fully molded in all seams 4an half inch chop an completely rearanging the rear windows to make them look rightrework grill tilt front end66 gto scoopoff a real gto of course when they were worth nothing in fact I only paid $8. for the gto hood out of junk yard (good times) competly molded in bed an tailgate that I made and a rear roll pan made out of the roof of another truck The inside has seats that turn for getting in an out a 57 chevy dash cut about 10 times to make fit right The wheels were made 30yrs ago when you did not have many to choose from they where custom made out of wheels that were on a oldsmoblie and tha caps were made out of 3 differant pieces Oh ya the most important thing about the truck I did every bit of ot from top to bottom an in the years that I have had I rebuilt it 5 times like they say they are never done And also my x-wife that we split in 1984 still laugh about the time she told me It is ether me or the truck Well I still have the truck so that settled that

Comments On Streetrod52's Other International

Dads73stepside | New User
Posts: 29 | Joined 11/18/09
Posted: 01/16/11 12:04 PM

Awesome truck! I'm currently hot rodding my '72 Scout II and can't wait until it's finished. Your ride provides some amazing inspiration. Great job!
werkingman53 | New User
Posts: 8 | Joined 09/04/08
Posted: 09/04/08 08:54 AM

Blush  Cool  Wink  Grin
RockinchairRich | New User
Posts: 10 | Joined 07/06/08
Posted: 07/20/08 09:20 AM

Nice ride, guy !!!
Like the International, is odd truck, and rare to
see, but they sure were a built truck !!!
  I have a 1935 International, name of Daisy Mae,
which is like toal different! Part rat,custom, Mod,
and street rod!  Have a ball with it, and runs/drives
great!! Will try and post pic of it...Enjoy your
truck, and rest of the season!!!!

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