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1976 GMC Sierra - FLChevyMan

"Daddy's Truck"

1976 Gmc Sierra 1
Owner:   FLChevyMan
Year: 1976
Make: GMC
Model: Sierra
Est.Horsepower: 250
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About my Sierra

When I decided to restore, modify, and update my 76 slime green truck, I didn't realize that it would turn out to be a family affair.  As a single father, my son and I had moved a few times, but we always had "the truck".  It is the one thing that has been stable in my 10 year old son's life.  
I met an educated woman who willingly hung out in my garage as I tore apart the 76.  With her long rhinestone trimmed finger nails, cleaned parts and helped every step of the engine rebuild and with the body work.  She helped with watching the boy and found magnetic letters and numbers that often lined the rear fender of the truck before it was finished.  The woman agreed to be my wife and my groom's cake had a picture of my truck.
It has been nearly four years and we are still altogether.  I built a 70 Mustang grande for her.  We will be starting my 1949 truck soon.
If my wife will give up the "family built" 350 in "Daddy's Truck", I have a 454 waiting to go into it.  
Daddy's Truck project started about seven years ago with engine rebuild.  Then the underside of the truck was completely cleaned and covered with undercoating.  I had made and designed a functional ram air hood.  The truck was my first try at doing bodywork, and it was not a small project.  A door was replaced and several rust spots addressed.  I set the truck up to have two gas tanks for which access is through the bed.  I changed the tailgate access to be from the inside of the bed as well.  The white, pearl enhanced paint made a dramatic change to a formerly slime green truck.  
Other upgrades include electric windows, a digital dash instrument panel, and a pop-open/removable rear window.  The truck has been lowered slightly and includes new/updated bumpers and front grill.
I have a few additional upgrades planned for the truck when I repaint the truck to clean-up a few things I am not happy with.
My son is mistakenly under the idea that Daddy's Truck will be his at some point.  He is going to have to wait awhile.  It is still Daddy's Truck and I am not done with it.

Comments On FLChevyMan's Sierra

Colin.Mansell | New User
Posts: 0 | Joined 12/27/11
Posted: 12/27/11 12:55 AM

Nice to see another '76 GMC Sierra being rebuilt.  I imported a '76 GMC Sierra Grande last year and will have it on the road by Easter 2012.  I have found that parts I require are readily available from LMC Truck. Just contact them at and request a parts book for the year in question.  I will be buying a range of parts over the next 12 months and import them to Australia.  Good luck with the project and anyone else doing up a '76 GMC
skizo | New User
Posts: 2 | Joined 03/25/10
Posted: 03/25/10 09:50 AM

I'm diggin the 76. got one as well i have just started workin on. not sure about how to do body work but anything i can replace body wise i plan on doing. but my biggest concern is finding out if i can install an air conditioning system in it. live in south carolina and that is a must have round these parts.
carson350 | New User
Posts: 0 | Joined 10/06/08
Posted: 10/06/08 03:45 PM

Nice Job On Your Truck...Just Picked Up A 76 Myself Trying To Locate Parts For It...Body Not To Bad But Lots Of Fill...Like To Locate A Box And A Cab If Possable....Single Dad Here To Little Guys Loves Riding In It...
Carson Bennett

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